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Kitchen Cabinets: Beautiful Cabinet Finishing for Your Home - Kitchen Solutions

Kitchen Solutions Cabinet Finishing

FINALLY, The Kitchen Cabinets You Have Always Wanted - At An Affordable Price.

Kitchen Solutions Cabinet Finishing is a locally owned and operated company. Kitchen Solutions Cabinet Finishing services Northern Kentucky, western Indiana, and the greater Cincinnati area. No kitchen remodeling job is to large or too small. After reviewing our website, talking with our In-Home Kitchen Consultants, and visiting our new kitchen cabinet showroom, you will realize we are a very unique cabinet company offering a great value for your home at an affordable price. See “Why Kitchen Solutions”. Kitchen Solutions Cabinet Finishing not only offers the most cost effective method to update and modernize your kitchen cabinets, but more importantly a remodeling process that is affordable yet elegant. We like to think of it as “Luxury on a Budget”.

Our kitchen cabinet showroom is centrally located in Cincinnati, Ohio USA. We display many kitchen cabinet color and cabinet door combinations in large and small kitchen vinettes. You can also see some of the kitchen cabinet accessories that are offered by Kitchen Solutions Cabinet Finishing, in addition to a large kitchen cabinet hardware selection, hinge and trim options.

All Kitchen Solutions Cabinet Finishing employees involved with the cabinet refinishing process are employees (NOT sub contractors) of Kitchen Solutions Cabinet Finishing. The cabinet craftsman are highly skilled and are internally certified. Kitchen Solutions Cabinet Finishing employees understand that they are guests in your home's kitchen for the brief time we are there.

The Kitchen Solutions Cabinet Finishing sales staff is trained and thoroughly understand the kitchen remodeling process so they can assist you in answering questions as well as providing you with an accurate estimate for your new cabinets. The Kitchen Solutions Cabinet Finishing sales staff will also help you with any cabinet design elements, should they arise. The Kitchen Solutions Cabinet Finishing in-home consultants will bring cabinet door samples to your home's kitchen for review and selection. With our free in-home kitchen consultation, customers will be able to make the decisions and have your questions answered without leaving your home. We respectfully ask that you only request a free in-home kitchen consultation if your serious about a kitchen cabinet Finishing or kitchen remodeling project. If you feel questions were not unanswered, or need additional information, please contact the Kitchen Solutions Cabinet Finishing office for clarification. Cabinet cost over runs or extra charges rarely occur. Our kitchen remodeling sales people and their cabinet Finishing training, combined with a detailed proposal for your new cabinets, eliminate these issues. Let's face it no one likes surprises.

Kitchen Solutions Cabinet Finishing provides our customer the best new cabinet option on the market today that will be completed by Kitchen Solutions Cabinet Finishing professionals in several days. A new kitchen cabinets option that is affordable yet very beautiful and durable, done by Kitchen Solutions Cabinet Finishing employees that are considerate, respectful, and understand what good customer service skills are.

We understand and respect the fact that we are guests in your home while completing your new kitchen cabinets.

At the end of the day we hope you will be more than just satisfied and will refer Kitchen Solutions Cabinet Finishing to your friends, family, and neighbors. We want and cherish your referral and strive to get it!

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Housetrends Magazine Article on Kitchen Solutions

New Faces in Town - Homeowners use a fresh option for their kitchen remodel

Vaulted ceilings, plenty of space and a lush landscape are all elements that drew Dave and Malea Miller to their Liberty Township home when they recently made the move from a Pittsburgh suburb. The kitchen however, well, you could say it stuck out like a sore thumb. It had a design and feel all its own and did not flow with the rest of the house. The kitchen was installed when the home was built for Cincinnati’s Homearama® showcase in 1999. It was certainly time for a change and Dave and Malea had to decide if they wanted to start from scratch or try to salvage the high quality bones of the kitchen, including the cabinetry. > read more

Explore Kitchen Solutions Cabinet Finishing, your preferred source for beautiful kitchen cabinets and accessories. Get new kitchen cabinets to remodel your beautiful kitchen for your home. Kitchen Solutions Cabinet Finishing specializes in kitchen cabinet Finishing, kitchen remodeling, cabinet remodeling, kitchen cabinet refinishing and kitchen trends for your home.

As we all know, the kitchen plays a significant role in the appeal of home to prospective buyers as well as the gathering place while entertaining guests in your home. Why not enhance your cabinetry, the major component of your kitchen, with the most up to date look. Until now, there were only two practical options for getting a new look or updating your kitchen cabinetry. The First Option: This is quite obvious…purchase new cabinets. Coupled with the high cost of cabinets comes a remodel project. This translates into demolition, dust, cabinetry installation, countertops, painting, plumbing, etc, etc, and general disruption in your kitchen for extended periods of time. Weeks…..frequently turn into months. The final result… Nice, however this option can be, and usually is, expensive and time consuming. The Second Option: Finishing. With the cost being 60-80% of new cabinets, the end result does not justify the cost.. The best manufacturers still cannot make plastic laminate or veneer to look like wood. You can get real wood Finishing and it looks nice, however the cost is virtually the same as the cost of new cabinets. Finally, there is a Third Option. One of the most popular cabinet looks today is the solid color cabinet finish with an accent glaze.

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