49Why Kitchen Solutions?

As we all know, the kitchen plays a significant role in the appeal of home to prospective buyers as well as the gathering place while entertaining guests in your home. Why not enhance your cabinetry, the major component of your kitchen, with the most up to date look. Until now, there were only two practical options for getting a new look or updating your kitchen cabinetry.

The First Option: This is quite obvious…purchase new cabinets. Coupled with the high cost of cabinets comes a remodel project. This translates into demolition, dust, cabinetry installation, countertops, painting, plumbing, etc, etc, and general disruption in your kitchen for extended periods of time. Weeks…..frequently turn into months. The final result… Nice, however this option can be, and usually is, expensive and time consuming.

The Second Option: Refacing. With the cost being 60-80% of new cabinets, the end result does not justify the cost.. The best manufacturers still cannot make plastic laminate or veneer to look like wood. You can get real wood refacing that looks nice, however the cost is virtually the same as new cabinets, so why bother.

Third Option: Finally, an alternative is offered by Kitchen Solutions. Wow, what a look!
  • Appearing throughout all national and local design magazines, and the most sought after cabinet look today, is the solid color cabinet finish with an accent glaze.
  • Kitchen Solutions can give you that cabinet at a fraction of the cost of new cabinets, without having the look of a refacing project, by simply applying a cabinet grade finish to your existing cabinet boxes that are attached to the wall. (Note: If you can imagine your cabinets without a door, what is remaining is what we refer to as the cabinet box)
  • Kitchen Solutions will remove the old doors, drawer fronts, knobs, handles, hinges etc. and prep the cabinet boxes in place that are attached to your wall. This is done to insure that are finish bonds to your cabinet for years to come. Yes… we can accomplish this on laminate cabinets and sides. Rest assured, we will not put our finish on a surface that will not accept it.
  • Then…with our state of the art spraying technique and material, a hard, durable, furniture grade finish is applied to these existing cabinet boxes, namely the areas between doors, exposed bottoms and sides. This newly applied finish will match the finish on the new doors you receive. While completing this work, the kitchen area is enclosed, an exhaust fan implemented to eliminate odor and prevent over spray dust from settling on other items in home. This whole process including installing the new doors usually takes three days.
  • The new doors you receive are solid maple and are custom measured to fit your existing cabinets.
  • These new doors are then taken to our shop where a cabinet grade cabinet finish is sprayed on them. An accent glaze is applied in our shop as well. (Note: All the finishes applied are sprayed, not brushed. As a result no brush strokes.)
  • Once the existing cabinet boxes have been finished, the new drawer fronts and doors, with their new concealed hinges, are installed. These doors are than adjusted for alignment. Hardware and accessories are then installed. (Note” hinges are concealed, heavy duty, and adjustable in three directions.)
  • As a result of the cost savings encountered with our process, you now can spend your money on features that add convenience as well as another layer of beauty to your kitchen.
  • Add an accent glaze, soft close hinges, crown molding, under cabinet trim, new hardware and a few accessories….You now have your dream kitchen at a fraction the cost!
  • More often than not, the inside appearance of your cabinets are in pretty good shape. Regarding the actual construction of your existing cabinet box, it is just as good or better than the new cabinets you might purchase.
  • So the question is….Why pay to have them removed and new ones reinstalled? In all likelihood they are not going to be built much better than existing, so why throw them away? Why spend the money? It makes no sense, especially in today’s economy! No extra burden on the landfills. All finishes used by Kitchen Solutions are environmentally friendly and safe for use in the home!
  • When it is all said and done, the look, the finish, and the hardware on your new cabinets is second to none, not even new cabinets that cost 5-6 times as much.

FINALLY, The Kitchen Cabinets You Have Always Wanted –At An Affordable Price.