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As we all know, the kitchen plays a significant role in the appeal of home to prospective buyers as well as the gathering place while entertaining guests in your home. Why not enhance your cabinetry, the major component of your kitchen, with the most up to date look. Until now, there were only two practical options for getting a new look or updating your kitchen cabinetry. The First Option: This is quite obvious…purchase new cabinets. Coupled with the high cost of cabinets comes a remodel project. This translates into demolition, dust, cabinetry installation, countertops, painting, plumbing, etc, etc, and general disruption in your kitchen for extended periods of time. Weeks…..frequently turn into months. The final result… Nice, however this option can be, and usually is, expensive and time consuming. The Second Option: Refacing. With the cost being 60-80% of new cabinets, the end result does not justify the cost.. The best manufacturers still cannot make plastic laminate or veneer to look like wood. You can get real wood refacing and it looks nice, however the cost is virtually the same as the cost of new cabinets. Finally, there is a Third Option. One of the most popular cabinet looks today is the solid color cabinet finish with an accent glaze.